Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fotos De Mulher Peladas

° Kigeki °

Wandering on Youtube I found a short film - Anime - really wonderful.
It is titled " Kigek the " and tells of a lone knight - vampire - who lives in an old castle in ruins, near the Black Forest. This mysterious creature loves literature and only accepts rare books in exchange for his services as a knight - mercenary or assassin - enough to have accumulated a good collection, is presented as a taciturn and reserved, Gothic-looking [pitch black hair , medium long opalescent skin and dark clothes] more interested in reading that the surrounding world. The story
real propia begins when a young girl eager to save his family and his village from the invasion of British soldiers, collect an old book handed down within their own family to take him as a tribute to the knight in the hope of paying his services before the village is razed to the ground ...

.: I immediately loved this OAV, perhaps because the main characters embody Indea of my 'relationship' between a vampire [Vampire ambiguous, nonprofit and the vicissitudes of the earthly world of mortals, the slave of his passion and desirous of blood, not like the crap from propinateci Meyer] and a human child; a comparison made of silence, where she tries to get close to him, to his way of living and seeing the world, with his eyes filling the void left by the words ... though it is a short animated [ in which the dialogues should be Fundamental ] is just the silence that allows us to understand how wonderful the characters and the story told so much that I came naturally associate it with a fairy tale.
The setting, characters ... everything reminded me of the stories I read as a child my mother, I really do not consider this result diffiile one of the best short film I've ever seen, albeit brief.

.: posted this, if qulcuno will engage in the vision:

best, by Morgan
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